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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

What's a better way to start off the music blog than with the best party remix of a popular Katy Perry song?

Typical Woe, Is Me as it comes. When I first heard the unclean vocals by Michael Bohn I knew this song was gonna be good. Even though some of you might be a little pissed.... and even though Katy Perry is super hot and all, I'm pretty sure this version is a lot better. I was surprised at how well their new clean vocalists Hance Alligood did with this. It's not small shoes to fill coming in as Tyler Carter's replacement (clean vocals 2009-2011). Another huge props to their synthesizer (Ben Ferris). If you listen close enough, this song was no walk in the park for synth... and it takes a lot to beat out a pop song on weird sounds techno, especially with added metal. This also comes off of the brand new "Punk Goes Pop Vol. 4" So far, off of the entire album, my favorites are tied between this song and "Little Lion Man" covered by Tonight Alive. Later on in the blog you'll probably see a few more songs from this album, but if you're bored, or liked this one a little, here's the link to the iTunes page. Or contact me somehow if you want the album.

I'll hit this up every 3 days or so with a new song !

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