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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


A negative screamo for the morning, smile!

A pretty short song off of "Blessthefall"'s new album Awakening. It's not a very nice of the first lyrics are "You'll never show your face, you are a coward". It's a Tuesday, nothing real happy going on. It has a real nice intro with background voice-over and transition into screaming the lyric I stated earlier. In the middle of the song, Beau goes shows us just how far his vocal range can go, from the hard mid-range screams to upper soprano, not an easy task for a man. Just because I hate Craig Mabbit, (former vocalist, and proclaimed band-whore) I'm happy he dropped out of the band, because their first album with him sucked. Sucked a lot. Go Beau Boken! (Vocalist since 2008)

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