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Thursday, December 1, 2011

World Without The Sun

Creepy awesome song from Oh, Sleeper

This is a pretty gruesome and deep song, but it isn't something all that special for Oh, Sleeper to produce. This is a pretty serious band with some pretty serious lyrics and intentions, especially in this song. The main focus of this song, if you google/listen to the lyrics carefully, Micah "fears" a world entombed in war and destruction(ei Shayne Olson - 'end of the world') , but doesn't really care how or who starts it, he just fears that it's going to happen: "I fear a world without the sun, not who wishes it gone". When I said gruesome in the beginning, I was referring to some of the last lyrics, where he screams: "and now the ground pulses, constricting for birth". Or, the coming of a new world. Pretty interesting stuff, and it doesn't start or just end with this song. Listen to the rest of what they have to offer.

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